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Jasmine Holding GmbH

The umbrella organization for all our ventures, Jasmine Holding GmbH stands at the forefront of our diverse and innovative business landscape.

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pi3g GmbH & Co. KG

As an authorized industrial Raspberry Pi reseller and Coral distributor, pi3g GmbH & Co. KG offers comprehensive hardware, software, and consulting services. Specializing in bespoke development for Raspberry Pi and AI projects, our products like LetsTrust TPM and Display T. Box 4 are at the cutting edge of technology. We publish industrial news, how-tos and dive deep into the technology in our blog.

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A signature project by pi3g, PiCockpit is your gateway to managing Raspberry Pis and Pico Ws through a user-friendly web interface. Featuring AI-enhanced tools for code generation and configuration management, it’s free for up to 5 devices, with more features in our Pro and Pro Plus subscriptions. PiCockpit also has a blog which tracks current Raspberry Pi news, interesting applications for the Raspberry Pi, and much more.

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Deutsche AI Consulting UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

At the heart of AI innovation, Deutsche AI Consulting UG offers expert guidance in selecting and implementing the right AI tools to propel your business forward.

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BusinessBreeze GmbH

BusinessBreeze GmbH revolutionizes entrepreneurship with AI-driven tools designed to make business management 10x faster and more efficient. Starting with a powerful listing tool for Shopify merchants, we’re redefining the entrepreneurial experience.

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Zeitverstärker KI-Lösungen GmbH

Specializing in custom server solutions, Zeitverstärker KI-Lösungen GmbH offers bespoke hardware for running large language models on-premise, complete with easy-to-use APIs and full GDPR compliance.

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Initiated by Deutsche AI Consulting UG, LoveWisdomHub offers immediate AI-driven responses and professional coaching for all your relationship queries. Whether it's about romance, friendships, family, or business relations, our platform provides the insights you need.

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Vital Meaning, my personal blog, delves into life's profound queries, exploring relationships and business insights. Here, I also offer my expertise in professional relationship coaching.

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